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Diana 2

Diana 2 demonstrator

12th April 2017

Diana 2 demonstrator will be available for anyone who wish to have a demo flight. Event will take place at Lasham 26th of August 2017.

If you're meet certificate's requirement, over 100 hours on flapped gliders, please book your flight as soon as possible by filling our CONTACT form up.

Diana 2

Front Electric Sustainer

5th April 2017

The biggest announcement of recent aviation show in Friedrichshafen, Germany was a new version of Diana 2.

Self launcher with FES electric drive from Slovenian Company LZ Design d.o.o. 

And this is not Diana 3 yet, this is Diana 2 - FES.

This ongoing project will be completed by Avionic Company in 2018.


Diana 2

Aviation Show

April 2017

Best chance to see Diana 2 Sailplane any time soon is to visit Friedrichshafen Aero - Expo in Germany in between 5th - 8th of April.

We will have a stand in there and you are very welcome to come and see Diana 2. 

For more details, please visit host website:

or click here to see detailed map of our stand ( B5-220 ) location 

Diana 2

Upcoming modifications

March 2017

Avionic Company has announced upcoming modification and this is just beginning.

  • Decreasing noise at high speed.

  • Tiltable instrument panel.

  • Incresed canopy opening angle.

  • New, more comfortable backrest and cushion.

  • Ergonomic armrest.

  • Leather interior in various colours.

  • Additional external antenna

  • Battery mount position modification.

  • Water tank's valves modification.

  • Trim improvement.

Diana 2

Production has resumed

February 2017

New beautiful, shiny Diana 2 sailplanes has been ordered for several customers around the world. Production just started.

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