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Diana 3 Experience

Łukasz Wójcik is a first polish glider pilot who flown Diana 3. In this short article you can read his point of view.

This is an honor to perform the first ever flights on the glider such as Diana 3.

I regret that the weather did not allow for a longer flight in first day. I had to settle for a short hour without ballast. The glider flying properly, comfortable and ergonomic cockpit provides comfort. Performance should exceed best gliders in 18 metre class. I am also impressed by the workmanship and design solutions. Second flight tomorrow, this time with water ballast and in good weather conditions. Tomorrow evening, another dose of excitement!

Second Day and second flight on a Diana 3, this time take-off from Wloclawek airfield with full ballast. I’ve had opportunity to fly over my Town ‘Kutno’. This glider can feel the air and is able to thermalling wet with speed about 100km/h in narrow, turbulent thermals. Glider is agile, can be controlled by little stick movements. More comparisons in La Cerdanya at Spanish Nationals. Leaving on Tuesday.

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